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All you can eat sushi [Aug. 24th, 2012|09:52 pm]
Chocolate M&Ms


In Minnesota, I went to this place called Akita, and it was all you can eat sushi and other goodies.

Now I don't mean all you can eat as in a buffet that's been sitting out. I mean all you can eat as in, you pay $15, and you get to order off the menu anything you want until you are full. The only catch is that if you waste food (as in, ordering too much and leaving too much left) then you get a 15% extra charge.

It was one of the most satisfying meal experiences I've had. There was plenty to order off the menu. The sushi was quite good quality considering the chefs were making it to order constantly. It was just great going, "hmmm, give me five salmon sushi, five eel sushi, five tuna sushi, a salmon roll, and two plates of beef teriyaki" and they just bring it to you freshly made. With four people, we managed to devour a TON of sushi and other stuff like fried udon noodles, chicken wings, specialty rolls, edamame, and green tea ice cream.

I loved it. I wish there were more places like that, cause I ate WAY more in value than the $15 I paid. I just love looking at a menu and going, hm. I'll have EVERYTHING.

[User Picture]From: misscherri
2012-08-25 03:12 am (UTC)
what the hell that is awesome >:(
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