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Foreign "American" Foods [Aug. 13th, 2012|06:27 pm]
Chocolate M&Ms


So I'm reading a thread on reddit about what other countries perceive as "American", and alot of the replies are about "American" food in other countries. I find it both entertaining and just interesting to see. Because here in America we have our own "versions" of ethnic foods but we probably don't think about when it's the other way around when travelling.

Some of my favorites from this thread:

"I was studying abroad in China one semester, and by the 4th week I was really craving a hamburger. I was walking around with some friends and I saw a sign that advertised "Western Food" so I tell them we have to eat there. We walk in and it's an Americanized Chinese food restaurant."

"I spent two years in Brazil and these were my favorite "American Style" creations:
- American Sandwich - Double-decker ham spread with TONS of mayonnaise
- American Burger - Cheese burger with a split sausage on it and TONS of mayonnaise (seeing a pattern?)
- American style fries - Cheese and mayonnaise (fuck, Brazil, I get it - we're fat!)
- American ice cream - Peanut butter flavor (thanks for not adding mayo, vces safados)
- American pizza - Tomato/mayonnaise sauce with sliced hard-boiled eggs and potato chips smothered in cheese (alright you bastards, that one was ok)
- American style beans - chili con carne with beans. Best day ever in Brazil.

I asked Brazilians where the notion came from and it turns out that almost every time you see an American family cooking or opening a fridge in a movie there's a jar of mayonnaise front-and-center.
tl;dr - Brazil thinks we put mayonnaise on everything"

"When I went to Mexico I ordered an hamburguesa Americana and expected an American hamburger. I did not expect a steak covered in ketchup and French fries wrapped in bacon. Thats not even a hamburger."

"In France you can get a sandwich called "The American" which is basically a baguette stuffed with hamburger meat and french fries.
French fries inside the sandwich.
I was like wow, what a cliche, Americans love hamburgers and french fries. A week or two later I was eating one of those things about every other day, and now I'm back in the States and pissed that no one puts French Fries inside their sandwiches.
It's delicious, people!"

What ideas have you seen (if you have been outside the US) about American food? When I was in Greece I was engulfed in a variety of delicious, authentic Greek food. In Italy, not so much. I think our tour guide (who was greek) set up most of the meals for us, and we went to several restaurants that served us french fries. My mother and I were not pleased, but . . . they do know what we like.

[User Picture]From: wilcoblackflame
2012-08-14 04:30 am (UTC)
Granted, I'm not american but for an australian example, there's this place you guys have.

It's called Outback Steakhouse.

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[User Picture]From: misscherri
2012-08-14 04:38 am (UTC)

Have you been to an outback? They're actually quite good, but I always laugh when I go because of some of the names. "Bloomin' Onion" and something like "Chocolate Thunder From Down Under" always get me when I see them (although the Bloomin' Onion is really good).

GREAT steak though!!
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[User Picture]From: wilcoblackflame
2012-08-14 05:56 am (UTC)
Yeah, went to one with Alex, David and Elvis on the 2008 trip.

It was kind of bizarre, but I can't argue that it tasted good.
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