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Japanese snacks [Mar. 16th, 2012|10:13 pm]
Chocolate M&Ms


Went to Shuto Con today with Anne Marie. They had this whole booth dedicated to Japanese snacks and I knew I HAD to try some.

There was sweet milk Pocky, which was really delicious. It had a nice delicate creamy taste at first, but then you're like wow, this shit is sweet (in a good way). Like a really creamy frosting-esque vanilla.

Cheetos with soy sauce flavoring. Think it sounds gross? WRONG, because they were fucking awesome. These were universally loved by anyone who tried them. They had the cheese flavoring, but the soy sauce added this great tangy, slightly sweet, yet undeniably salty taste to it. It really did taste like soy sauce, and I love soy sauce, so it works.

Finally, strawberry cake flavored Kit Kats. I only had one just now, but holy shit. What a decadent Kit Kat. The strawberry covering tastes a lot thicker than regular chocolate Kit Kats, and man oh man is the strawberry cream flavor good.

Thanks, Japan!!!